Woman Rescues A Stray Cat – Totally Regrets Her Decision 6 Months Later

While technology has led to some truly brilliant developments and social media has created thousands of jobs, sometimes, all it seems to do is document human stupidity. From incredible Black Friday scams that are breathtaking in their insanity (like this woman buying an iPhone that was actually just a box of potatoes) to people inviting possums into their homes because they think they’re cats, human foolishness knows no bounds. Take this story, for example.

Before we begin, I’ll just point out that it’s admirable to help lost or stray animals you find while going about your daily business, but it’s pretty important to know the difference between the domestic and wild critters wandering around outside. One woman on Facebook recently claimed she had taken in a “cat,” and the internet was stunned when she posted the picture.

“Found Lost cat Panhandle near Hudson Trail,” she writes. “He was a little dirty so we are cleaning him up.” And that’s cute and all, except that this cat was actually a mountain lion and the whole situation is so stupid it hurts.

Twitter / @stephanie_reah

She then posted a picture of the cat “looking sad outside” in the comments section of her post.

Twitter / @stephanie_reah

Not all is as it appears, though. This is a prank that’s become common to copy and paste in areas where mountain lions live. The real one can be seen in the following video from Russia.

To be fair, this is hilarious. I honestly want to do something like this to my family just to watch the hysterical fallout. At first, the internet totally bought this scheme because humans are pretty damn stupid, after all. Nothing comes as a shock, but I’m sincerely glad that this person did not plop a wild mountain lion in the bathtub. The bar is so low for humanity at this point that I’m tripping over it.

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