Senior rescue dog had 24 hours to live, woman makes sure ‘he’ll feel loved for 24 hours’

Sophiane was just 19 years old when she first met Hippo. The poor pup had a face that was riddled with cancerous tumors. Most teenagers would probably not be able to handle an interaction with a dog in this state. She is not like all of the other children, though. The dog had experienced a great deal of neglect. When he was first brought to the shelter, he was in rough shape.

As it turns out, Sophiane has been advocating for animals in the same predicament for some time now. She founded her own nonprofit dog rescue when she was all of 14 years old. Sophiane did not want Hippo to pass away without ever having the chance to experience true joy. She decided that she would take him out of the shelter once the suggested waiting period was over.

She believes that every dog should be able to experience happiness before they die. That’s why she decided to plan a “happy day” for her new pal Hippo. While she was initially reticent to bring him outside, his reaction when they first met up told her otherwise. The happy dog was wagging his tail and he was very excited to enjoy his special day.

They started their day with some Starbucks. Sophiane even procured a specialized off the menu doggy cappuccino for her new pal. When they went to the park to play with the other dogs, Hippo was able to make some new buddies. Hippo even decided to sneak a little drink from a nearby lake. Sophiane typically does not allow such behavior, yet she made an exception considering the circumstances.

After five hours of fun and laughter, Hippo was starting to become tired. Sophiane knew that the dog sensed that his time was almost up. They returned to her home and Hippo was given his very last meal by an experienced specialist from the world of animal euthanasia. Hippo gobbled down the roasted chicken as fast as he could and settled in for his final nap.

Hippo’s story is now being shared in hopes of inspiring other kind souls to do the same for senior dogs that have never had a chance to truly enjoy life. Please be sure to pass this story along to your closest friends and family members as soon as possible. We hope that Hippo is resting in peace and spending the rest of his days frolicking around in Doggy Heaven.

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