People Are Furious With The Government’s Plan For These 2 Hero War Dogs

When a military dog is done with their tour of duty, they should be given the chance to live in the lap of luxury. You would think that the average military dog is given a cushy place to live with a family that loves them. Unfortunately, there are a number of military dogs who are denied their chance to enjoy the utopia that they deserve. Dazz and Kevin are two such dogs.

These Belgian shepherds have risked life and limb for their country. The dogs spent several years sniffing out explosives in Afghanistan and they deserve better than what they have received. The treatment that they received after their dedication and loyal service has become an outrage to many. You would think that dogs that have been awarded with medals for their courageous service would receive the best of things.

The dogs cannot be placed in a new home and because of this bewildering set of circumstances, they will have to be euthanized. Kevin and Dazz are slated to receive lethal injections and ardent military supporters everywhere are making their voices heard. The Defence Animal Centre is responsible for the decision and they are receiving massive amounts of angry correspondence.

An online petition is being circulated in hopes of saving the animals’ lives. A number of experienced handlers have also stepped forward and professed their willingness to provide the dogs with a new home. Dogs that are responsible for saving their fellow soldiers from IEDs and other explosives should never be subjected to such a fate.

There are those who sit on the other side of this argument and point out the fact that these dogs have unique personalities that makes them hard to home. All of the experienced handlers who have voiced their concerns, but there are still stories of army dogs who have bitten civilians who did not provoke them in any meaningful way. These stories are few and far between, yet they have provided those oppose re-homing with the ammunition that they need to block Kevin and Dazz’ adoption.

In the meantime, we hope that these experienced handlers are able to get the chance to save these dogs from an unwarranted euthanizing. Please share this story and pass it along to the animal lovers in your life. Let’s come together and make sure that this petition receives all of the signatures that it needs in order to save the lives of these brave pups.

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