Nurse Puts Dying Man’s Dog Into Her Purse And Sneak Him Into Hospital For Emotional Goodbye

When the dying man in this story was in need of his closest companion, he never could have imagined what would happen next. His beloved dog was not allowed to be with him in the hospital and he missed his pet very much. There are families who will comply with the rules and there are families who do not see the point. The family (and nurses) in this story fall into the latter category.

David fought cancer for a number of years and found himself in a Missouri hospital as a result. He was told that he should not expect to go home again. This left him in a very difficult position, as he would not be able to say goodbye to his dog before passing on. Lil Fee remained at home and David’s dying wish was to say goodbye to his Yorkie mix.

Even though the hospital already had a strict policy about the presence of pets, David’s wife Cindy decided that it was time to bend these rules. She was given the go ahead by the nurses to sneak the dog into the hospital. The family devised a secret plan to smuggle the dog in. All they would need is a big purse and a little bit of compliance from Lil Fee.

Once Lil Fee was reunited with David, it was obvious why the two should have never been kept in the first place. It was definitely a reunion for the ages. The moment was a very emotional one for the family. They knew that they were one step closer to having to put David to rest. David passed away shortly after the meeting took place, but not before providing the family with a tender moment that they won’t be able to forget.

There are some hospitals that have begun to realize the importance of allowing pets to spend time with the people who need them most. We wish that every hospital would take a moment to see just how necessary these reunions are. Pets are not just four legged creatures, they are members of the family. We need to start treating them as such.

That’s why we are urging our readers to take the time to share this story with their closest friends and loved ones. Please be sure to pass this story along. We all must do our part in order to raise awareness about this all too common problem.

Source: Twitter /ellenmigueel

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