Man Begins Sobbing Instantly When He Sees What’s In His Wife’s Car

For people who share their homes with animals, there’s always a huge fear lingering in the back of their heads that something bad will happen to their pets. Each year, thousands of pets are diagnosed with terminal illnesses or fall victim to tragedies like being hit by cars.

Illness, injury, and even death are all possible circumstances we accept when we adopt an animal, but perhaps the worst to consider is that they might just disappear. Sadly, some pet parents spend years looking for their missing cats or dogs and never get closure. That’s what this family was dealing with in 2015 when their beloved dog, Butterscotch, vanished from their Las Vegas home for over a week. But don’t worry just yet, because this story has a good ending!

Determined to bring Butterscotch home, his owner spent one morning driving all over and looking for him. She was thrilled when she finally found him and couldn’t wait to surprise her family with the news.

When she got home and her husband saw who was in the car, he sprinted over, sobbing with relief.

The poor guy’s face says it all about how he’d been feeling the past week and a half.

You’ll be reaching for the tissues (and maybe even giggling a little) when you watch him react to getting his best friend back safe and sound! I’m willing to bet that good ol’ Butterscotch never left Mom and Dad’s sight again!

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