Loyal Greyhound Stayed By Her Deceased Owner’s Side For Weeks Before Being Found

When it comes to loyalty, there are few living creatures who can match the type of loyalty that a dog can provide. The dog in this story serves as a prime example. She has since been renamed Dory and Dory went through a harrowing adventure before she ended up being found. Her owner had passed away recently and Dory did not want to leave their side.

The owner was deceased for a month before Dory was found. From there, she was taken to the Harris County Animal Shelter. The volunteers were immediately smitten with Dory and how could you not be? However, the poor dog was extremely sad and bewildered when she was first admitted. She had been through a lot and was clearly struggling to process it all.

No one was there to feed Dory after her owner had passed away. The do had lost a great deal of weight as a result. Thankfully, the rescuers were able to provide her with the space that she needed to recover. They issued a plea for help and received a timely response. The good people at Greyhound Pets for America were more than willing to assist.

Once Dory’s mandatory hold was over, they picked up the pup and welcomed her to their family. She now resides in a foster home. According to her new helpers, Dory is becoming more and more comfortable in her home as each day passes. With all of the changes that she has been forced to go through recently, it is great to see that she is well taken care of in the meantime.

The first few days were obviously the most difficult for Dory. Now that she is settled in, she is going to receive the dental work and testing that she needs before being made available for adoption. A dog who is this sweet and loyal will certainly have no problems in that department. If you would like to know more about her adoption status, be sure to pay close attention to the Greyhound Pets for America website.

Take a moment to share this story with your closest friends and loved ones as well. Those who wish to help other greyhound dogs who have found themselves in a similar predicament can also visit the aforementioned website. There are no shortage of sweet dogs that are in need of a brand new forever home.

Keep an eye on their website to see when she becomes available for adoption and how you can help other Greyhounds like her.


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