Dolphin Succulents Are The Latest Craze In Japan


Do you have a fond recollection of the bunny succulent plant? If you are someone who enjoyed that special treat, you are in luck, as someone has recently shared an incredible photo of these plants that just so happen to resemble dolphins. These plants are a sight to behold and you will find yourself staring at these photos for much longer than you expect.


This plant is known as the senecio peregrinus and with its tiny leaves, the plant offers a resemblance to dolphins that has to be seen to believed. As the vines continue to grow, the resemblance only grows stronger, making these plants a wonderful long term investment.


As you can see, these plants are not only fun to look at online, but they will also provide your home with that extra touch that it needs in order to look its absolute best. The plant will make your home much cozier than before, while adding a certain aesthetic appeal that cannot be matched.

Thanks to the efforts of one resourceful Twitter user (who goes by the name kao77neko on the wildly popular social networking website), these plants have now been exposed to a much wider audience than ever before.


Because of the aforementioned tweets, the senecio peregrinus could end up skyrocketing in popularity. If there is any luck, we will start this amazing plant in more homes throughout the world as a result of stories like these and if you enjoyed checking out the plants that are currently sweeping Japan as much as we did, take a moment to spread the love and pass it along to your friends and family members.


Whether you decide to share this story on your Facebook wall or tweet it out to your followers on Twitter, they are sure to enjoy this tale about a plant that is capturing imaginations all over the nation of Japan.

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