Dog Neglected By His Owner And With Huge Tumor On His Leg Gets The Best News

When Shadow the dog first arrived on the scene at the Vet Ranch, anyone who laid eyes on the dog could tell that he had definitely seen better days. The animal had become dangerously thin and had also tested positive for heart worms. If that were not enough, the dog was saddled with an enormous tumor that was continuing to grow on his front leg with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

The local animal control offices had received calls about the dog, as the owners of the animal had refused to do anything about these noticeable issues. The animal had been running around the neighborhood for quite some time with this tumor and from the looks of it, the owners were content to merely sit back and hope that the problem eventually went away on its own.

Once the good people at the Vet Ranch had taken him in, they took a closer look at the leg. After the leg had received a proper examination, the staff realized that they were in for quite a challenge when it came time to remove the tumor. The doctor on hand was not only concerned about the development of cancer, but she was also concerned that the dog might end up losing his leg if she tried to operate.

The 12 pound tumor needed to be removed right away and if you would like to see a miracle in action, then you will definitely want to watch this amazing video. Dr. Kerri is a genius and what she was able to do for Shadow definitely goes above and beyond. Be sure to stay tuned in, so that you can find out more about the news that Shadow received after his surgery was complete.

Shadow has now been taken off the streets for good and thanks to the help of Dr. Kerri, he has found a living home with good people who are willing to take care of him. We do wish to warn viewers who may be a bit squeamish that there is graphic footage contained within the clip. You will see a prompt at the 4:26 mark that alerts you to the existence of the footage and the graphic materials cease at the 5:43 mark.

Please take a moment to spread the good cheer and let the world know about Shadow the dog’s incredible recovery. Without the help of the Vet Ranch and their gifted staff members, it is tough to say what would have became of Shadow. Thanks to their excellent assistance, this is no longer something that we will have to consider.

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