Dog Kept In Basement For A Year Goes On Epic Adventures With Her New Dad

Penni the dog comes from a very hardscrabble background and it may be hard to believe that this sweetheart canine spent the first 18 months of her life trapped inside of the basement of a trap house (aka a drug house). The innocent pup endured daily attacks and repeated verbal abuse from the scofflaws who resided in this home and by the time she was rescued from this hellish existence, she was terrified of the world.

We cannot say that we blame her and when her rescuers first found her, they were unsure if she would be able to overcome these problems. Blaine DeLuca intervened and Penni’s life finally changed for the better. Blaine had spent a lot of time at various shelters and he was forever in search of the dog who would one day serve as his perfect match.

When he and Penni first met, the shelter workers warned him about her timid nature. However, Blaine and Penni were in love with another at first sight, as the scared dog did not hesitate to approach him and give him lots of kisses. From there, it was readily apparent that these two belonged together forever. Once he took her home, that is when the full toll of what she had experienced became apparent.

Six months went by without eye contact and Penni remained terrified of every possible object that crossed her path. Blaine tried his best to help the dog overcome her fears and while their New Jersey neighborhood did not prove to be conducive for this purpose, he would soon make a decision that would change her entire demeanor for the better: he moved the pair across the country to Las Vegas.

Thanks to the awesome weather and the gorgeous landscapes, Penni soon began to enjoy spending time outdoors. Blaine and Penni enjoy hikes and various epic adventures now and she has learned that the world is not such a scary place after all. They even go for rappelling trips and Penni has learned to enjoy zip lining with her new father.

Blaine’s kindness and patience have paid off and the two have become the best of friends. She has learned to trust in her father implicitly and she knows that Blaine always has her interests at heart. While this dog may have started off her life inside of a very dark basement, she now sees the light and we are more than happy to bring you this amazing story. Blaine says he would never trade her for any other dog in the world and this pup has one special story to tell.

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