Dog Abandoned On The Side Of The Road, Rescuers Cry Out When They See What’s In The Box

There are moments in life where we experience a sudden change in circumstances and when these moments arise, it is our responsibility to make the right choices. While these situations can be regrettable, there is no reason why a person should ever be abandoning their pet because of them. There are a wide range of organizations that are ready and willing to assist you when it comes to finding a proper home for your pet.

However, numerous people will find themselves in these types of situations and not know what to do. Instead of picking up the phone and calling for help, they often take matters into their own hands. The person in this story elected to take care of their pup by themselves. What happened next was a travesty that left the residents of one small town wondering why.

This story takes place in a town called Hingham, Massachusetts. Local residents discovered a little pup that had been left in a crate on the side of the road. The owner was not anywhere to be found. The Maltese was not left on the side of the road empty handed, though. The two year dog still had all of his toys and his favorite blanket.

It was clear as day to see that the owner had zero intentions of ever coming back for the puppy. The police were summoned and they surmised that the dog had not been abandoned for too long. At least the person responsible for this abandonment was willing to provide the animal with the necessary creature comforts to get through this awful experience.

The Hingham police officers who found the dog could not locate any identifying information. They were forced to turn him over to the Animal Rescue League of Boston and their veterinarians soon discovered that the dog was in a poor state of health. The dog was facing some awful circumstances, but the pup did not allow the situation to dampen their spirits.

The previous owner’s intentions may not have been completely malicious, but the way that they carried out this plan is not a respectable one. If this owner is eventually tracked down, they will likely face criminal charges for this negligent behavior. Please share this story to spread awareness about this dog’s plight. Hopefully he will be able to find a forever home of his own soon.

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