Bull Bound With Chains His Entire Life – Watch The Moment He’s Finally Free

We’ve all heard the sayings about the friendship that takes place between men and dogs. Many of us even have a dog of our own that we love and treasure very much. Most of us have probably never heard of the concept of a bull being man’s best friend, though. In fact, we tend to only hear sayings about bulls that cast them in a very negative light.

You may have been compared to a bull in a china shop when you were behaving in a manner that is considered to be uncouth. It is not the bull’s fault that they command a certain presence and take up a great deal of space, though. Their gracelessness often defines them in the eyes of many and this is not entirely fair. Take our friend Bandit the bull, for instance.

Bandit never got the chance to be the kind of bull that many of us picture. He was never able to run amok inside of a china shop or cause any sort of trouble. The poor bull was never given the chance to truly live. He spent much of his life tied up inside of a barn. The life that he was forced to live was a life of imprisonment and no animal ever deserves to live this way.

The bull did not know what a normal life was like, as he was shackled from the time he was very young. Finally, his sanctuary worker decided to step in and provide Bandit with the life that he always deserved. The bull is set free by the man and Bandit’s meeting with his first true friend is one of the most adorable things that we have ever seen.

Bandit knows that the man is there to assist him and does not put up any sort of fight whatsoever. The bull does display a small amount of hesitation when it comes time to get into the back of the trailer, but this is understandable. We also get to see the moment when he arrives at his new home and it is one of the most touching displays of happiness that you are going to witness anytime soon.

Would you like to see more of Bandit’s awesome rescue? If so, be sure to check out this awesome YouTube clip. This will give you the chance to catch a glimpse of the newly freed Bandit and his brand new buddy. Be sure to spread the happiness by passing this video along!

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