Beagle Caught On Camera Trying To Sneak Out Of The Shelter

Buttermilk is a beagle and she is a rather determined animal. She is the type of dog who simply isn’t going to take no for an answer. She will do what she wants to do when she wants to do it. Buttermilk resides in a Virginia animal shelter. While she is a homeless dog, her time spent living on the streets has provided her with a certain sense of craftiness.

She was recently snagged mid escape by the shelter workers. For their part, they are more impressed by her actions that you might have expected. They are also quick to warn potential owners about the beagle’s escape abilities. An owner who takes this pup home is going to have to be on high alert at all times. She might be small, but she’s got some astonishing climbing powers.

The video shows a dog that has a devil may care attitude when it comes to following certain rules. Buttermilk is caught dead to rights in the midst of her escape attempt and this does not change her demeanor in the slightest. Once she reaches the top of the fence, she realizes that she has been caught in the act. The way she scoots down is a thing of beauty.

It is almost as if she is trying to play it off and act like this is what she meant to do. Perhaps Buttermilk simply wanted to get a little exercise? While some of us would probably love to give her the benefit of the doubt, her bashful response says it all. She looks directly at the camera and slinks away as if she already knows what is about to happen next.

The shelter was forced to move Buttermilk to a different enclosure once this video was passed around the Internet like wildfire. In case readers were curious, the shelter was also very quick to add an important disclaimer. No beagle experienced any sort of harm during the making of this video. Buttermilk was also given a necessary exam to make sure that she was uninjured.

Luckily, Buttermilk will not have to stay in this kennel for too much longer. She has received an official adoption and will be given over to her new family once she has received all of the necessary surgery. Let’s hope that her new family is able to keep a vigilant watch over her. Her ninja climbing skills are nothing to sneeze at!

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