8 signs your cat is trying to kill you

If you have ever owned a cat, it is fair to say that you have probably spent a fair amount of time wondering what they are actually trying to say. They seem to talk quite a bit, but we do not have the ability to translate their meowing into meaningful words just yet.

We definitely find ourselves wishing cats could talk and we bet that they could carry on a whole conversation if they were so inclined. Cats who sit above you while you are sleeping so that they can stare down at you would have a lot to say, that much we are sure of. Now that we’ve seen a few horror films, we are convinced that our cats are slowly plotting our untimely demise.

This video is all about such cats and while we will not spoil the surprise for our viewers, there are more than a few moments where we were completely terrified of what we were witnessing. If you have been looking for the telltale signs that your pet wishes to kill you, you have definitely come to the right place.

A couple viewings of this video and we are already under the belief that we are in very serious trouble. Your cats probably exhibit at least a few of these signs and we were shocked to find out that our felines are just biding their time and waiting to strike at the worst possible moment.

Cats are some of the strangest creatures walking the planet and even some of their more affectionate behaviors come with explanations that you may find disconcerting.

Be sure to check out this hilariously frightening clip if you dare and find out more about whether your cat secretly (or not so secretly) wishes to kill you. All of the cat lovers that you know need to see this, so don’t be shy about passing it along.

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